Good Stewards Of The LandPotato Field

Carleton Farms is a family farm located in Merrill Oregon that specializes in a diverse crop base. We grow potatoes, alfalfa hay, grass hay, grain, and raise beef cattle in our operation which encompasses over 4000 acres. We grow organic crops on over 2000 acres, most of which borders Klamath Lake, near the Running Y Ranch.    Our organic crops are alfalfa hay, grain and specialty potatoes that include russet norkotahs, reds and yellows.   Our organic potatoes are marketed through  Stukel Mountain Organics, LLC and Malin Potato Cooperative.

In addition to our organics, we grow conventional chipper potatoes for Frito Lay, alfalfa hay and beef cattle.   Our alfalfa hay is sold domestically as well as for export. We specialize in Premium quality alfalfa hay used in many dairy operations throughout Oregon and California.    We are proud to grow hay for dairies who supply milk to the Tillamook Cheese factory.

We believe in a sustainable farming future. Having seen an increased demand for organic products, we strive to be good stewards of the land, and incorporate organic practices where applicable on our farm. In 2012 we added 5 solar facility sites on our farm, incorporating solar power into our sustainability plan.

Our Farm became a century farm in 2009, which is a significant milestone in our operation, having farmed the same ground owned by the Carleton Family since 1909. This is an accomplishment we are all proud of and hope to continue the same tradition for another 100 years.